Written Language
Etw wc written language
Requires The Warpath Campaign


Building Needed High Chief's Lodge
Leads To Money Economy
Stream Economy and Culture, Native
Written Language is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


The adoption of the written word improves diplomacy; treaties can be recorded clearly for posterity.

Increased contact with other cultures bring with it knowledge of written language; in trade and treaties, bargains struck with Europeans and others can be enforced. Not every man's word can be trusted, and the ability to keep written contracts reveals any later trickery.

During the 18th century the Iroquois Confederacy was an ally to the British, fighting alongside them against the French and Huron tribes. The Mohawks created a system of writing for the Mohawk language, and provided education for their children. The Mohawk chief Joseph Brant was one of these students, and in 1772 he even translated the Gospel of Mark into the Mohawk language.

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