Wedge Formation
Etw military army wedge formation
Requires Carbines
Building Needed Drill School
Leads To Diamond Formation
Stream Military, Military
  • Enables cavalry wedge formation
Wedge Formation is a cavalry formation and a Technology in Empire: Total War.


A cavalry formation used to break through an enemy line by shock and impact.

There are many conflicting schools of thought with regard to the proper use of cavalry, not least on the matter of how to attack the enemy. There are those officers who hold that fire is the proper weapon for a cavalry soldier: that the carbine and pistol are the correct weapons of a horseman. There are those who maintain that the proper role of cavalry is to close the enemy and attack them with cold steel: the sabre, sword and lance.

The wedge formation is the product of the second group of theorists. By forming units into a narrow wedge, a charge can bring the maximum weight of effort against the smallest possible section of an enemy line. In theory, the attack should be able to force its way into and then through the target, breaking it in the process and spreading chaos in the enemy ranks.

Historically, this tactic was not without its appeal to educated officers, who studied the military history of the Romans and Greeks. Alexander the Great had used such a tactic, and if it was good enough for him...

General InformationEdit

The Wedge Formation is an offensive upgrade for cavalry. In the wedge formation, cavalry form up into a triangular shaped formation, with the axis pointing in the direction the regiment is moving. Wedge Formations reduce the charging bonuses of enemy cavalry, but help split up enemy troop formations, reducing morale.