Wealth of Nations
Etw enlightenment wealth of nations
Requires None
Building Needed College
Leads To None
Stream Philosophy
  • -1 Happiness. Clamour for reform
  • +3 Coins per turn to town wealth in the region
  • -20% to cost of constructing cultural buildings
  • Enhances National Prestige
  • Leads to Classical University
Wealth of Nations is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


The Wealth of Nations stresses the importance of the division of labour, pursuit of self interest and freedom of trade.

This is a set of theories aimed at advancing political economy and promoting the pursuit of self-interest. The concept encourages people to consider the importance of the division of labour (so that productivity can be maximised) and the freedom of trade. Theorists state that all goods should be fairly priced and selling levels agreed mutually between buyers and sellers, with little outside influence from government or any other party.

Historically "The Wealth of Nations" was a new and innovative piece of work written by Adam Smith, aimed at increasing the average reader's understanding of economies. As one of the greatest minds of his time, Smith, along with a number of other great men created "Scottish Enlightenment". Their influence was far reaching in the work of their contemporaries. Smith is widely held to be the father of modern economics.

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