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The Virginia Colonists are a faction in the tutorial of Empire: Total War. It represents the English colonists of the Virginia Company who founded Jamestown, and is the faction the player plays as in Episode 1 of the Road to Independence campaign. There, they struggle as the first wave of Anglo colonization in the Americas to establish their dominance.  

General Information Edit

Victory Conditions Edit

Complete all missions and Capture and hold three regions, including: Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Basics at start Edit

  • Protectorates – None
  • Allies – None
  • Trade Partners – None
  • EnemiesPowhatan Confederacy
  • Religion – Protestant
  • Government – N/A
  • Ruler – N/A
  • Population – 200
  • Prosperity – N/A
  • Prestige – N/A
  • Treasury – 1200
  • Technology - N/A
  • Missionaries – None
  • Rakes – None
  • Gentlemen - None
  • Generals - John Smith (Virginia)
  • Admirals - None

America Theatre Edit

Jamestown, Virginia Edit
  • Starting Building – Magistrate
  • Infrastructure - Not Developed
  • Population – 200
  • Wealth – 1380
  • Religion – Protestantism 100.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsKingston (Trading Port)
  • Later Villages/PortsYorktown (Port)
  • Commodity Towns – None
  • PlantationsMarchmont (Small Sugar)


  • The flag the Virginia Colonists use is the flag of England, which was in place until England merged with Scotland in 1707 to form an earlier form of the Union Jack, which is depicted in the Grand Campaign as the flag of Great Britain. The flag of England is St. George's cross, which is shared as a flag by another faction in Empire: Total War, Genoa.
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