I know this is technically the wrong place to write about Rome 2 seeing as this wiki is focused on Empire, but I felt that this needed to be said.

You see, I was playing as the Iceni and was carving through Rome with a butcher knife, my forces ripped and tore their way through the pitiful Roman Legions and burned their cities with cleansing fire, then stole their gold to add to the burgeoning empire. Until I came upon their last city of Cicily... which they deserted to conquer some random village in Egyptian territory. Do you see the problem here?

Think about it, they abandoned the last bastion of the Roman Empire proper, left their women, children, elderly and infirm defenseless... so they could conquer a foreign town and stay alive as a faction. This isn't some quirk of the AI either, it's a program put into it by the devs. Now, why am I angry about it? Two main reasons.

1.) On a practical (in game anyway) note, it means that finishing off an enemy faction is made tedious and frustrating for no real reason. I had to chase the Romans across the map and corner them before I could finally put them down completely, this involved hunting them through Egypt and Carthage and wound up forcing me to enter into wars with both nations all to kill off some mooks with a banner.

2.) is a more philisophical note. The Romans abandoned their people and homeland to foreign invaders, their families and homes are now under the banner of the Iceni because they decided to conquer some backwater village to replace their friends and loved ones. So much for honor and patriotism.

It's just mind boggling how stupid an idea this was.

At any rate, have any of you guys dealt with this? what are your thoughts on the subject?

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