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    Rant about Rome 2

    February 7, 2014 by Hereticalthoughts

    I know this is technically the wrong place to write about Rome 2 seeing as this wiki is focused on Empire, but I felt that this needed to be said.

    You see, I was playing as the Iceni and was carving through Rome with a butcher knife, my forces ripped and tore their way through the pitiful Roman Legions and burned their cities with cleansing fire, then stole their gold to add to the burgeoning empire. Until I came upon their last city of Cicily... which they deserted to conquer some random village in Egyptian territory. Do you see the problem here?

    Think about it, they abandoned the last bastion of the Roman Empire proper, left their women, children, elderly and infirm defenseless... so they could conquer a foreign town and stay alive as a fac…

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