I'm going to lay what I'm going to do, in case anyone is interested. Help me out with my stuff, and I'll be able to move onto the next project more quickly, and when I'm done with the list, I'll gladly accept any requests for help.

I am currently going to complete all Empire: Total War unit pages. This includes having a complete infobox, unit portrait, unit icon, full in-game description, and proper categorization. I have created all the pages (although they certainly vary in quality and quantity) save some artillery pieces. I will also create (or revise) all unit type pages.

After I have done this. I am going to create and complete all upgrade and research pages, including descriptions, effect, and proper categorization. Inevitably this will also include all shot type and bayonet type pages.

Then more minor things such as faction pages, religions, and agents.

Finally, I will add gameplay information on all units and factions, and add a historical background if appropriate.

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