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A Turkish Bath is an Eastern Entertainment building in Empire: Total War.


The influence of Ottoman culture and power extends to how people enjoy themselves. A Turkish bath is not just a place to get clean, socialise and catch up on gossip.

Intimate pleasures are also available – at a price. The bathhouse staff, or “tellak”, help customers wash themselves, much as the slaves did in Roman and Byzantine baths centuries before. Incidentally, the Byzantine designs influenced the layout and processes of the Turkish bath. However, tellak are young men (never women) recruited from among the non-Muslim subject peoples of the Ottoman Empire, selected for their good looks and pliant ways. A visit to a Turkish bath can therefore be a purely hygienic exercise, an opportunity for gossip, or a chance to indulge a taste for depravity.

Historically, Turkish baths did become popular across Europe although not necessarily always as disguised bawdyhouses. By the Victorian period, they were a popular – and unimpeachable – adjunct to many gentlemen’s clubs and the better sort of hotel.

General InformationEdit

The Turkish Bath emerges from a Coffee house. The Turkish Bath is available to most middle eastern factions including Persia. Like its equivalents, Turkish baths grant a happiness bonus to the people of a region, which help to prevent revolts.


People in the Turkish Bath would enjoy a hot bath and spa treatment. They would be given fresh towels and in Persia, they would be guarded by the Zamindari Pikemen.

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