The Battle of Rossbach is a historical battle in Empire: Total War. The Player plays as Prussia, and the A.I. consists of Austria and France


At the outbreak of the Seven Years War Prussia was surrounded, and Frederick II of Prussia marched into Saxony and defeated the Austrians at the Battle of Lobositz. He then turned south to capture Prague. After winning a bloody siege, his apparently invincible army suffered their first loss at the Battle of Kolin.

The Holy Roman Empire and Austria took the offensive, preparing attacks on multiple fronts. Frederick, after assessing the situation, marched to the west to meet a combined French and Holy Roman Empire force led by General Prince de Soubise. With Frederick's army outnumbered 2 to 1, the armies attempted to outmaneuvre each other, but reached a stalemate at Rossbach.

Now, how will Frederick face the fast approaching Allied forces? Faced with such odds, will the Prussians regain their reputation as an invincible army?




  • Prince Charles de Rohan's Bodyguard
  • Three Units of Line Infantry
  • Two Units of Grenadiers
  • One Unit of Hussars
  • One Unit of Dragoons
  • Three Units of Cuirassiers


  • Prince Joseph of Saxe-Hildburghausen's Bodyguard
  • Two Units of Line Infantry
  • One Unit of Guards
  • One Unit of Grenadiers
  • One Unit of 12-lber Foot Artillery
  • One Unit of 6-lber Horse Artillery
  • One Unit of Curassiers


The Prussian forces sit at the end of a valley. The French and Austrian forces divide their forces into two groups: a group of cavalry down the left flank, and the main body infantry advancing into the valley.

Although Prussia is outnumbered in terms of both infantry and cavalry, most of their troops have several chevrons of experience and the advantage of defending to tip the scales in their favor. In particular, they have a decent number of artillery regiments that can whittle down enemy numbers as they advance.


Historically, the Battle of Rossbach is considered one of the greatest military triumphs of the Prussian King, Frederick the Great. Despite being outnumbered 22,000 to 42,000, the Prussian army was able to lure the allied advance into a disorganized pursuit, before attacking on the flanks. The Prussians suffered a loss of 550 men, while the Allies lost 10,000 men, with half dead or wounded, and the other half captured.

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