The Battle of Porto Novo is a historical battle in Empire: Total War. It is a naval battle between France and Great Britain. The Player is Great Britain, and the A.I. is France.


Because it took a long time for messages and ships to reach India from Europe, British Royal Navy admirals often found themselves having to make do with inferior forces against superior French forces, no orders and no reinforcements.

Vice-Admiral George Pocock found himself in this situation in 1759 during the Seven Years War. His smaller and less powerful force had already fought two indecisive battles with a French fleet under the Comte d'Ache.

His would now have to fight once again. This time, however, Pocock would be on the offensive near the French base at Pondicherry. If he could beat the French, control over the Indian Ocean would pass to the Royal Navy, and the French would have to withdraw. Pondicherry would almost certainly fall, and the French would no longer have a base in India.

Take control of Pocock's outnumbered and outgunned fleet as you seek the defeat of the French. Historically, this battle ended indecisively on a tactical level, but the advantage went to the British and gave them control of the Indian Ocean.


Great Britain

  • Third Rate Ship of the Line - Grafton


Admiral: Anne Antoine, Comte d'Ache

  • Third Rate Ship of the Line - Zodiaque
  • Third Rate Ship of the Line - Comte de Provence
  • Fourth Rate Ship of the Line - Duc de Bourgogne
  • Fourth Rate Ship of the Line - Protecteur
  • Fourth Rate Ship of the Line - Actif

General InformationEdit

The battle starts with the player-controlled, larger British fleet about to intercept a smaller French fleet. However, a second French fleet is nearby and rapidly closing distance.


Along with The Battle of Brandywine Creek, The Battle of Porto Novo is available in the demo of Empire: Total War.

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