The Battle of Brandywine Creek is a historical battle in Empire: Total War. The player plays as the British, and the A.I. is the U.S.


After landing from his transport ships in the American Coast, Major General Sir William Howe led the British troops eastwards, with the intent of capturing Philadelphia.

In preparation, American General George Washington readied most of his units to defend from this frontal assualt around the narrow crossing of Chad's ford on the Brandywine. The Creek flows through the countryside of Pennsylvania, enveloped by sheer cliffs and heavily wooded hills on both sides. Knowing that much of the fast-flowing creek could not be crossed, Washington was confident in holding his position.

However, more detailed surveillance of the terrain would suggest that alternative routes could turn the battle in favor of the British.


The Battle of Brandywine Creek is one of two battles available for the demo of Empire: Total War (the other being The Battle of Porto Novo). The demo version has a few minor differences: Fire by Rank and Platoon Fire are not researched, for example.

The player is granted one regiment of Scots (which are renamed "Highland Infantry" exclusively for this battle) who have higher than average melee characteristics. They cannot be trained in the Grand Campaign by the British. The lines they speak differ slightly from regular British line infantry; indeed, short of opening sound files from the game itself, the lines can only be heard when playing this battle.


Great Britain

​United States


Historically, the Battle of Brandywine Creek was a victory for the British. As depicted in game, the British army forewent attacking the American force frontally, instead opting for a flanking attack. A heavy fog on the day of the battle helped conceal British movements, and they were able to inflict heavy casualties on Washington's army. However, due to a combination of an organized retreat and a lack of British cavalry, the American force was saved from total destruction.

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