Thakur's Mansion is a building in Empire: Total War.

General InfomationEdit

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In an absolute monarchy, the monarch’s person is the wellspring of all authority. Lackeys – no matter how mighty – serve at the monarch’s pleasure and need take no account of the locals!

Absolute monarchy is an effective and sometimes brutal form of government. The monarch’s powers are not limited in any way. What the monarch decrees simply happens. If it does not, heads roll, often literally!

The machinery of provincial government receives the same authority from the Crown. A governor, thalur or bey (depending on the nation in question) has the power to do almost anything to his subjects, providing he delivers what his monarch requires – and this is usually tax income and soldiers. Any other considerations can be put to one side; it is the duty of subjects to obey in an absolute state, and those who dare to argue back are quite rightly treated as faithless rebels.

Historically, absolutism was the main form of government in many 18th Century states. Louis XIV of France was speaking the truth when he reputedly claimed “L’État, c’est moi!” Like other absolutists and their apologists, he sincerely believed that he was responsible for his actions only to God.

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