A Tenanted Farm is a farming building that can be built on a farm slot in Empire: Total War
Tenanted Farms (Wheat)

In-game picture of Tenanted Farms (Wheat)

Tenanted Farms (Sheep)

In-game picture of Tenanted Farms (Sheep)


Tenent farmers are a large social step up from the humble peasant. They may toil as hard, but they do so for their own profit not that of a distant master.

Tenanted farms primarily produce cash crops. The landlord expects his rent to be paid, so subsistence farming is a waste of time, as it will not guarantee any income. Successful tenants, who develop their land, can become quietly wealthy men and may be able to buy their farms.

For a landlord the main benefit of tenanted farms is that income from them is in cash, not kind. Absentee landlords can live the high life in a city; they rarely need trouble themselves with the mud and muck of the countryside - as long as they have trustworthy agents and tenants! A leisured class of "gentlemen farmers" and rentiers therefore arises, all thanks to the efforts of tenant farmers.

Historically, tenanted farms made good profit but, like all farming, were subject to the vagaries of weather. Tenancies could be, and were, passed down the generations of families, something that allows tenants to see a point in developing "their" land with their cash surplus.


  • Level 1
  • 2 Turns to Build
  • 500 Coin


  • Requires Peasant Farms, Common Land Enclosures
  • Enables Clearances
  • +0.5% to Population Growth
  • Reduces the Chance of Food Shortages
  • +X Coins to Region Wealth (Depends on Yield of Farming Region)
  • Enables research of Four Field Crop Rotation

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