A tavern is an entertainment building that can be built in a town in Empire: Total War.


A tavern is a drinking establishment where all manner of drink, food and entertainment are available - always providing that the money is forthcoming!

Drink is one of the solace's of a long working day. There are, of course, religious and social taboos about getting drunk, but these rarely bother tavern owners or their customers! A tavern provides a place to drink cheaply, pick up the local news, gossip, gamble (cockfighting is a popular pastime) and generally have a few hours respite from the day's labour. It is often the "other" centre of community, where the real business of running a town goes on, well away from offical interferrence.

A tavern is distinguished from an inn because it does not offer overnight accommodation, although rooms for private functions - and discreet entertainment of an intimate or personal nature - may well be part of the service.


  • Requires Town
  • +2 Happiness (Lower Classes)
  • Spawns Assassins. Maximum Number: +1

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