Note: Not to be confused with the Steam-Powered Cloth Mill.

The Sugar Mill is a sugar producing building in the sugar plantation chain in Empire: Total War
Steam-Powered Sugar Mill

In-game picture of Steam-Powered Sugar Mill


A sugar mill allows the refinement of raw sugar cane into processed sugar, a delicacy easily transported to the almost insatiable home market.

A sugar mill takes sugar cane and crushes it to extract the juice: when powered by steam, the crushing gears can extract much more juice from the plants. The juice is boiled down until it crystallizes as sugar of various grades. As might be imagined, the process is hot (especially in tropical climates) and dangerous to the workers: injuries from being dragged into the machinery are not uncommon.

Milling improvements allowed more sugar cane to be processed, and make the whole process more efficient as well. Historically, even though European demand seemed to have no limits the price of sugar actually fell over time as manufacturing improved. A healthy trade in machine parts for mills also grew up between Europe and the sugar-growing regions.


  • Level 3
  • 6 Turns to Build
  • 7500 Coin


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