Sloop Icon
Belongs to All factions
Crew 65
Guns 18 (9 on each side)
Firepower 172
Range 500
Accuracy 70
Reloading skill 60
Hull strength 1322
Speed 25
Tech requirement None
Produced from Any port
Special abilities None
Cost 550 SP/390 MP
Upkeep 130

A Sloop is a ship type in Empire: Total War.


A sloop of war is usually ketch-rigged with two masts. These small vessels handle well in restricted waters.

The ability to navigate in exceptionally shallow or dangerous waters makes sloops very useful in such seas as the reef-strewn waters of the Caribbean. They can also operate without the need for extensive onshore naval facilities nearby. They are also extremely useful as fleet auxiliaries, carrying out communications tasks and vital inshore scouting work, and can hunt down smaller prey such as privateers and small enemy cargo vessels. A sloop-of-war (sometimes a corvette in French service) is a different vessel from a civilian, merchant sloop, having a flush deck, two square-rigged masts, guns, and a larger crew.

Historically, a post captain would rarely command a ship this small. The commanding officer was the “master and commander” (this is the origin of the modern naval rank of commander), and held the formal rank of lieutenant. Captain Cook RN commanded HMS Resolution, a sloop converted from a collier (coal ship), on his epic Pacific voyages and was highly satisfied with its performance. Sloop captains could be aggressive: before his promotion to post captain, Thomas Cochrane commanded the 14-gun HMS Speedy and managed to capture “El Gamo”, a Spanish xebec of 32 guns with a crew six times larger than his own!

General InformationEdit

Sloops are small, agile, lightly-armed warships. Fitted with a two-masted ketch rig, they are able to haul extremely close to the wind. Although tub-hulled and ungainly in appearance, sloops are deceptively handy vessels, and, in good hands, they can defeat far larger foes.

Sloops are less heavily armed and manned than the other ship type available in the early game, Brigs. However, sloops have much better covered decks, stronger hulls and sturdier sails, making them less vulnerable to Round ShotChain Shot and Grape Shot. Against larger ships, however, sloops are ineffectual due to their small number of guns and low firepower.

Despite their rapid military obsolescence, sloops remain useful even late in the game, serving as agent and troop transports, scouting sea routes, raiding trade routes, and escorting low-value convoys and trade ships. However, they are less suited to this task than the cheaper and better-manned and armed brigs.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Type Accuracy Reload Skill Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost Upkeep
Standard 70 60 1322 23 8 550 130
France 80 60 1348 24 8 600 150

Great Britain

70 75 1396 23 9 560 140
Spain 70 60 1322 23 8 540 130
United States 70 70 1396 23 9 530 130



Sloops and brigs in a duel.

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