The Shaniwar Wada is a unique building in Empire: Total War. It may only be constructed by the Maratha Confederacy
Shaniwar Wada

In-game picture of Shaniwar Wada


This magnificent fortified palace is a visible expression of Maratha greatness.

The palace name reflects the auspicious day Shaniwar (Saturday), 10 January 1730 when the foundation stones were placed by the prime minister, Baji Rao, of the Maratha Empire. This wada (or residential complex) was never intended for the king, but to be an official residence for prime ministers and his administration of the Maratha Empire. No expense was spared in its construction: every door in the building was hand-carved from the finest teak: every floor was the finest marble available. The palace took two years to complete; and later prime ministers made it grander still, adding bastions, and magnificent gardens.

When designed, the Shaniwar Wada was as much a fortress as palace. An army attempting to breach its gate faced formidable defenses.

This building still exists, although it is much reduced from its former grandeur. A fire in 1828 destroyed much of the original leaving only the granite stones undamaged.


  • Level 6
  • 8 Turns to Build
  • 10000 Coin


  • Requires Maharaja's Palace
  • +1 Happiness (Lower Classes)
  • +1 Happiness (Nobility)
  • +5 to Repression in the region
  • +15% Coin Bonus to Region Tax Income
  • Recruitment Capacity (Units in Training) : 3
  • Enhances National Prestige
  • Recruits Basic Infantry
  • Built as highest Government building by the Marathas in Satara, Bijapur

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