A Seminary is a religious building that can be built in a town in Empire: Total War. It can also be built for the Orthodox nations. 

In-game picture of Seminary


This Catholic establishment educates those hoping to join the priesthood, making sure that their instruction is firmly rooted in Church dogma.

The syllabus concentrates on giving students the theological, spiritual and philosophical tools needed to carry out their duties, as well as a solid "Classical" education to produce men who will be well-respected members of society. Where science and the natural world are touched upon, it is always with an emphasis on how they reveal God's grand plan of creation. A seminary is not intended to produce an inquiring mind, only a very disciplined one.

Historically, the seminary system owes its existence to the forces of the Counter-Reformation, a movement that aimed to defeat the heretical, Protestant views of Martin Luther and his ilk. The Council of Trent recognized education as a weapon in its struggles against schism. The Church required an educated and intelligent group of priests, who could argue successfully in its defense. While the 18th Century is seen as the "Age of Enlightenment", the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation had yet to play themselves out completely and the Church's place in the hearts of men, affairs of state and God's universe was still open to argument. In parts of Europe, the Catholic Church was still a tremendous force for social, political and scientific conservatism.

Orthodox DescriptionEdit

A seminary produces the trained priests needed to maintain the hierarchy of the Orthodox Church and spread the Word of God.

Kept separate from the temptations of the world in a monastic setting, the students at a seminary are indoctrinated in matters of faith. They are given a solid, if conservative, education that will stand them in good stead when they become pillars of the community as priests: it is not their role to challenge the established order, but to minister to the people.

Historically, seminaries were also used to create a sense of national identity, particularly in Russia. History, culture, and language were taught to students to give them a sense of belonging to the nation so that they would pass this on to their flocks as well. In the late 19th Century, this nationalist and conservative education would be entirely rejected by one student. Study at the seminary at Tiflis in Georgia did not produce an obedient, respectful and compliant follower in Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. Instead, it turned him into “Koba” the bandit and gave him a taste for power and cruelty. As Stalin, he got the chance to indulge his taste.


  • Level 2
  • 3 Turns to Build
  • 1500 Coin


  • Requires Jesuit College and Catholic Nation or Monastery School and Orthodox Nation
  • +4 Happiness for the Catholic/Orthodox population (Lower Classes)
  • Converts the populace to Catholicism/Orthodoxy
  • Spawns religious agents. Maximum Number: +1

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