A School is an educational building in Empire: Total War

In-game picture of School


A school offers education to the children of those willing to pay the fees. In some schools, subsidies from religious or charitable groups may be available.

Education is not a right or even considered much of privilege in many societies. The skills of reading (a little), hunting, and beating recalcitrant servants are the only worthwhile accomplishments of "proper gentlemen". A smattering of religious education puts a veneer of civilisation on top.

The emerging middle and mercantile classes value education a good deal more highly, and pay for it to be drummed into their children! A few schools, mostly the work of charities and religious bodies, exist to teach the children of the deserving poor, or give orphans some kind of start to life.

The British system of state education and "public schools" (which are actually non-state private schools) owe its confusing terminology to this period. Public schools were open to the public - the public who could pay - while private schools took pupils as they saw fit. British mass "state education" would have to wait for another century. State education existed in some countries, but always ran the risk of creating an imbalance between learning and obedient loyalty if it was extended much beyond those with a real stake in society.


  • Level 0
  • 3 Turns to Build
  • 1500 Coins


General InformationEdit

Schools and their upgraded forms engage in research of technologies, which serve to improve a faction's economic or military capabilities. Each school may research one technology at a time; multiple schools can engage in researching multiple technologies. Gentlemen placed in schools increase the rate at which technologies are researched.

Schools reduce the happiness of a faction. This penalty increases when more enlightenment technologies are researched. Demolishing schools from a region is an easy way to increase region happiness. 

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