Riding the Winds
Etw wc riding the winds
Requires The Warpath Campaign


Building Needed Sweat Lodge
Leads To Spirit Medicine
Stream Mystic, Native
  • Learn more about the content of enemy settlements and armies
  • Enables buildling of Spiritual Circle

Riding the Winds is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


Let the wind carry your spirit vision over all nearby settlements and look within, so seeing the plans of your enemies.

Walls and fortifications may keep out enemies and their prying eyes, but are little use against the forces of nature. Channelling the spirit force of the wind to move through the world and see everything is a powerful thing. No word or deed can escape the vision granted. The mind's eye can see all information about an enemy.

The Native American belief in the spirit world was more than religious: it was central to their continued existance as a people. The spirits existed in everything and, therefore, everything was connected and had a purpose and place in the world. From the mightest oak to the smallest insect, from the flow of the river to the swirl of the storm, all had spirits. It was believed that people should exist in harmony with the spirits of nature rather than see them as something to be tamed and controlled.

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