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A revolution is an event in Empire: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Revolutions are defined as an action usually undertaken by people who desire drastic change. In Empire: Total War, revolutions are rebellion against a government.

Revolutions occur when a class in the home region of a faction has negative public order (signifying dissatisfaction with the current government) for three consecutive turns, spawning a rebel army which will try to take the region capital. In this sense they are similar to Rebellions, except that it only takes place in the faction's home region. If successful, revolutions depose the current government (including the leader of the nation and the entire cabinet) and replaces it with a randomly generated cabinet. Certain units that are unique to a certain government type (such as Republican Guard for republics and Garde du Corps for absolute and constitutional monarchies) automatically disband if a revolution succeeds. Depending on the class that rebelled and the government type, revolutions may also change government type (listed below). Revolutions are the only way factions can change their government type.

If a revolution occurs, the player is given the choice of siding with the rebels or with the government. If the side they choose loses, the game is automatically over. While a revolution is taking place, all other regions the faction controls is greyed out, does not generate revenue, and cannot be controlled until the revolution is put down or succeeds. Should a revolution succeed, the revolutionary army automatically joins the rest of the newly changed nation's armed forces.

It is possible to induce a revolution by adjusting taxes, razing entertainment and government buildings, constructing schools, or deliberately losing battles. Moving all military units out of the home region before the revolution occurs will then ensure that there is only minimal resistance in the form of local militia to the revolutionary army.

Government Changes with a Successful RevolutionEdit

Original Government Type Rebelling Class Resultant Government Type
Absolute Monarchy Lower Republic
Absolute Monarchy Upper Absolute Monarchy
Constitutional Monarchy Lower Republic
Constitutional Monarchy Upper Absolute Monarchy
Republic Lower Republic
Republic Upper

Constitutional Monarchy

Visual GalleryEdit

Empire Total War - Republic Revolution Start European (HD)00:16

Empire Total War - Republic Revolution Start European (HD)

A lower-class revolution

Empire Total War - Monarchy Revolution Win European (HD)00:24

Empire Total War - Monarchy Revolution Win European (HD)

A royalist revolution succeeds

Empire Total War - Republic Revolution Win European (HD)00:30

Empire Total War - Republic Revolution Win European (HD)

A lower-class revolution succeeds

Empire Total War - Monarchy Revolution Start European (HD)00:15

Empire Total War - Monarchy Revolution Start European (HD)

A royalist revolution begins

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