Religion is a gameplay mechanic in Empire: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Religion affects public order for each region: the greater the proportion of the population that follows a different religion from the faction that is controlling the region, the greater the unrest. How much unrest is generated depends on how different the local religion and the occupying faction's religion is: a predominantly Catholic region would not cause too much trouble for a Protestant faction, but a Catholic region would be highly unhappy when controlled by Muslims. Conversely, the greater the proportion of the population that follows the same religion as the controlling faction, the less unrest there is. Factions may construct religious buildings and send missionaries to regions and gradually convert the populace to the faction's religion. Religious buildings have the added bonus of granting a happiness bonus which grows based on the proportion of the population adheres to the faction's faith.

Certain religions are more compatible with each other than others. A largely Catholic region controlled by a Protestant faction may experience one or two units of unrest, but rarely more than three. A largely Catholic region controlled by a Muslim faction, on the other hand, may experience up to nine units or more of religious unrest.

Researching Secular Humanism halves (rounding up) the effect of religion on public order. This influences both harmful and beneficial religious effects: while religious unrest is halved, happiness granted from religion buildings is also halved.

Not all religions in the game can spread their religions through religious centers and agents: Sikhism and Buddhism cannot spread, and these religions are lost forever when their populations are converted.

Religions of the gameEdit

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