Reformed Naval Administration
Etw military navy reformed naval administration
Requires Naval Architecture Advances
Building Needed Naval Board
Leads To None
Stream Naval, Military

Reformed Naval Administration is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


The desire to keep a well-supplied, healthy and effective fleet at sea requires a tremendous amount of administration and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!

Traditionally, many naval nations have relied on treating a navy as one more part of the royal household, or a series of temporary arrangements that draw on the merchant fleets in times of war. A reformation of the navy's shore administration replaces the ad hoc arrangements of previous centuries with a properly trained and salaried secretariat, men who understood the worlds of business, account books and legal matters better than they know the sea. It is they who organise and run the naval service not, as was once the case, admirals and officers too old or crippled to walk the quarterdeck. The change, while bemoaned by sea officers, is undoubtedly necessary to ensure that a fleet can remain at sea, with crews, food and equipment as required, and shore facilities for repair when they are needed, wherever they are needed.

Historically, maintaining maritime power at sea was not an option for any nation that engaged in overseas trade. The only guarantee that sea lands would be open for merchant vessels was the guns of a powerful navy. A nation without warships was, sooner or later, a nation without its own trading fleet.

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