The Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando is a unique building in Empire: Total War. It may only be constructed by Spain. It must be constructed in their capital region. 
Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando


The fine arts are an ornament to any civilized nation.

The Academy received royal approval in 1774, but it was not until the reign of Carlos III that it found a proper home in a former Baroque palace. This is somewhat surprising given that Carlos was a benevolent despot and rather fond of hunting. He was, however, also much given to public works and, more significantly for the advancement of the arts, has had a serious falling out with the anti-Enlightenment Jesuits. He suppressed the order in Spain and rendered the Spanish Inquisition largely ineffective.

The Academy included many artists of note, but surely its most distinguished master was Francisco Goya (1746-1828). Goya was supremely talented and became the painter of choice in the Spanish court. His work marks a transition between the work of the "Old Masters" and the modern world to come: his painting "La Maja Desnuda" has been described as the first non-symbolic nude painting in the Western world. Sadly, he was tortured by deafness and illness in later life and his paintings took on a grimmer, darker feel.

The Academy is now home to a fine collection of paintings from the 15th Century onwards.


  • Level 4
  • 8 Turns to Build
  • 10000 Coin


  • +3 Happiness (Lower Classes)
  • +3 Happiness (Nobility)
  • +3% to Technology Research Rate
  • Spawns Gentlemen. Maximum Number: +1
  • Enhances National Prestige
  • Requires Royal Academy
  • Built by Spain as the highest-level cultural building in Madrid, Spain

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