A Presidential Palace is a government building that can be built in a city of a republic in Empire: Total War
Presidential Palace

In-game picture of Presidential Palace


The palace of a republic's president, the people's most exalted servant, is the expression of a nation's dignity in stone.

The president is expected to live in some style, yet retain his accessibility as the elected leader. Like many royal palaces, a president's home is home to a working bureaucracy, keeping the affairs of the nation in order.

Republics often hark back to the Classical themes of their culture: European republics hark back to Roman architecture for its grandeur, monumential scale and implied permaence. Other republics have a similar tendancy to appropriate the dignity of the past for their political buildings.

Historically, and despite many egalitarian protests, most presidential residences are palatial in luxury if not in size. Most presidents are from the moneyed classes, after all, and are used to their creatre comforts. Of course, a republic does not imply any kind of equality, merely that "the people" have the greatest say in government; the ruling classes still exists and still expect their perquisites. Purpose-built presidential palaces are usually grander, as an exercise in overawing visiting foreign dignitaries with the power and prestige of the nation itself and the office of president (if not always the prestige of the current holder of the office.)


  • Level 5
  • 7 Turns to Build
  • 6000 Coin


  • Requires House of Representatives
  • +5 to Repression in the region
  • +15% coin bonus to region tax income
  • Recruitment capacity (units in training): 3
  • Recruits basic infantry and cavalry

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