Preserved Foods
Etw military navy preserved foods
Requires Lime Juice and Sauerkraut
Building Needed Naval College
Leads To None
Stream Naval, Military

Preserved Foods is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


Keeping food fresh at sea requires that it is preserved in some way; at the very least, this makes it taste fairly horrible.

A variety of preserving methods are used to aid the storage life of food. Meat and, to a lesser extent, cheese can be salted and stored for years, but the inevitable saltiness makes it a poor substitute for fresh food. Ship's biscuits and flour for bread can be stored in barrels for long periods, but are notoriously prey to weevils. Beer likewise can be store for a while thanks to the preservative effect of hops. Other foods are harder to keep fresh, and the solutions were put into port regularly, carry animals for slaughter, or go without. It is, however, now possible to preserve food in jars or metal canisters: they are cooked in the container and then quickly sealed to keep out the air.

Historically, the process was pioneered by French confectioner Nicolas Appert (1749-1841). He spotted that food boiled in seal containers only spoiled once the air was admitted, and earn himself a substantial prize once he went into production: a labourious business as each tin had to be hand made.

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