Powder Making
Etw wc powder manufacture
Requires The Warpath Campaign


Building Needed Warrior Society (Building)
Leads To Cannon Casting
Stream Military, Native
  • -6% Recruitment cost for native gunpowder units
  • Enables building of Gunsmith

Powder Making is a Technology in Empire: Total War. It is available with The Warpath Campaign DLC.


Learning to make gunpowder cuts the cost of recruiting gun-armed units.

The ability to create gunpowder means that a tribe no longer depends on supplies from fickle European traders. The tribe can therefore give muskets to more of its warriors, because they can be used, not just carried as clubs. Bullets are less of a problem, as they can be cast by any competent smith, and many gunpowder weapons come with bullet mounds as part of their accoutrements. But the availability of powder remains key: make that, and there are few limits to your power.

Gunpowder is actually a relatively simply compound, but one that takes time and skill to manufacture. Making the ideal mix is a matter of trial and error once the ingredients are understood, but grinding the powder to the right size takes steady nerves and real care. Powder for a handgun needs to have the right size grains if it is not to be too weak to fire a bullet or, worse still, burn too quickly and shatter the gun barrel. The user does not often survive such a disaster.

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