A Pioneer Cabin is a building that can be built in a farm slot in The Warpath Campaign in Empire: Total War
Pioneer Cabins

In-game picture of the Pioneer Cabins


Pioneer cabins are built on land sold to European settlers. The sale provides a cash lump sum, but the Europeans cause unrest by their presence.

Log cabins provide shelter and safety for pioneers as they migrate to the unexplored west. The pioneers live simple lives on civilization's frontier, and these dwellings prove more than adequate for survival. However, the sale of land that intrinsically cannot be owned causes unrest amongst the tribal locals, and the gradual encroachment upon their way of life by strange European interlopers is worse. The sales provide funds for the further development of tribal society, but there are many who resent this loss of the old ways.

The perilous journey of the pioneer was undertaken by those seeking a new life. Upon arrival a suitable site for a cabin was chosen, and the land around would be cleared of vegetation. The cabins were relatively easy to build and used notches to slot the stacked log walls together. They could be insulated against the weather by stuffing any gaps with sticks, rocks and a coating of mud.


  • -1 Happiness from Industrialisation (Lower Classes)
  • +525 Coins to region wealth
  • +5 Coins per turn to town wealth in the region
  • Converts the populace to Protestantism

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