Etw enlightenment physiocracy
Requires None
Building Needed School
Leads To Division of Labour
Stream Philosophy
  • +3 Coin per turn to Town Wealth in the Region
  • +15% Coin Wealth Generated by Farms
  • Leads to Large Plantations
Physiocracy is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


Physiocrats believe the only real source of wealth is land and therefore only agriculture is worthy of investment.

Physiocracy means "ruled by nature" and this perfectly sums up the attitude of the theory's adherents. They believe that land is the only profitable commodity man can own, and should be the sole concentration of those attempting to make a successful living.

The idea is also based on the assumption that humans are instinctively selfish and as such will always act to the benefit of themselves before others. Physiocrats believe that this human characteristic is vital to a thriving economy. If a rule hampers the move forwards by levying taxes, imposing regulations and generally attempting to control the flow of trade he will prevent the creation of wealth and stunt wealth generation.

As leaders in the development of physiocracy, the French created the theory of "laissez-faire". This helped to explain their views on the amount of input a ruler should have on trade, and became an influential idea still used to promote economic liberalism today.

General InformationEdit

As one of the only enlightenment technologies that does not increase unhappiness, Physiocracy is an easy pill to swallow. Early research is prudent as it unlocks more technologies and greatly benefits the economy.

France starts the Grand Campaign with Physiocracy already researched.

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