A Palatial Estate is a farm building in Empire: Total War
Palatial Estate

In-game picture of Palatial Estate


A royal palace set in its own magnificent gardens and parkland, complete with annals, artfully arranged woodlands, and a tame population of beautified peasants and animals.

This is a pure statement of the nation's wealth and power. No expense is spared in order to give the monarch a suitable setting. Apart from the landscape itself, which is carefully ordered to banish wild nature and the lower orders, the palace itself is a magnificent structure, unrestrained by any budgetary constraints. This is a setting for balls, masques, intrigues, and plots, all under the watchful eye of the monarch and his inner circle.

Versailles was probably the most magnificent example of this kind of palace. From the palace itself to the mock farm (complete with sheep washed in Eau de Cologne) for the Queen to play at being a shepherdess, no expense was spared. It was a very public projection of the wealth and the prestige of the Bourbons and of France itself. The place was designed to overawe and confound lesser men with its sumptuous, sybaritic comforts.


  • Level 4
  • 5 Turns to Build
  • 3000 Coin


  • Requires Great Estates
  • +1 Happiness (Nobility)
  • Enhances National Prestige
  • +0.9% to population growth
  • Reduces the chance of food shortages
  • +X Coins to Region Wealth (Depends on Yield of Farm)

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