The Palacio Real de Madrid is a unique building in Empire: Total War. It may only be constructed by Spain. It must be constructed in their capital region.

Palacio Real de Madrid


The Royal Palace is a suitable setting for any monarch with pretensions to rule much of the world.

Originally a Moorish fortress when Madrid was ruled by the Islamic emir of Cordoba, and then a castle under the stewardship of the Christian kings of Castile, the site was not regularly used as a royal residence. The Antiguo Alcazar or Old Castle dated back to the 16th Century, but this burned down on Christmas Eve, 1734.

King Phillip V, the first of the Bourbon rulers of Spain, ordered a new palace to be constructed. Perhaps he had it in mind to create a rival to Versailles, the palace of his grandfather, Louis XIV of France. In the event, he died before the construction work was complete and never lived in the New Palace, as it was only in 1764 that Carlos III occupied the building. As a setting for a monarchy, however, the palace had been well worth waiting for! It is vast: with 2800 rooms it is far bigger than any other European palace.

It is still the official residence of the Spanish monarchy, although it is only used for state occasions.


  • Level 6
  • 8 Turns to Build
  • 10000 Coin


  • +1 Happiness (Nobility)
  • +1 Happiness (Lower Classes)
  • +5 to Repression in the Region
  • +15% Coin to Region Tax Income
  • Recruitment Capacity (Units in Training): 3
  • Enhances National Prestige
  • Recruits basic infantry
  • Built by the Spanish as the highest administrative building in their capital region.

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