The Ordnance Board is an artillery military building in Empire: Total War
Ordnance Board

In-game picture of Ordnance Board


This council of state is charged with looking after all matters relating to the production and use of artillery.

The committee is in charge of the design, development, casting and storage of artillery pieces for all the armed forces. The members are also in charge of powder production for the army and navy too, all too often with the bureaucratic muddle and rivalry that this can cause. The Ordnance is an important national asset because artillery is very expensive and yet a measure of national power.

Historically, great guns and siege weapons always required specialists to operate them, men quite separate from common soldiery. In charge was a Master of Ordnance, a man of some importance in medieval royal households. His duties of looking after the king's artillery train eventually required a large staff of gunners, founders, powder makers, mathematicians, surveyors, and even wagon drivers. In time, all of these men came under the control of the Board or Council of Ordnance, depending on the state involved, and they extended their responsibilities to take in the management of fortresses and, in some cases, the manufacture of all weapons for the army and navy.


  • Level 4
  • 4 Turns to Build
  • 4500 Coin


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