An Open Gem Pit is a mining building in Empire: Total War
Open Gem Pit

In-game picture of Open Gem Pit


Wherever gems are found, men will work in the most foul of conditions in the hope of striking it rich.

This is simply an open pit - the word quarry is hardly appropriate, as that would imply some sort of organisation - where workers scrabble in the mud to find gemstones. As miners are only paid for what they find, it is possible for men to work for days or week shifting mud and rock without seeing a single penny. The prospect of find that one, valuable strike is enough to keep them going, even when the risk of the pit collapsing is great.

Others work the spoil heaps, searching for valuable stones that have been thrown aside in the rush to delve into the earth. What with the diggings, the shantytown that surrounds the working, and the spoil heaps, an open pit is an eyesore. It is also some of the most valuable real estate in the world.



  • +X to Region Wealth (Depends on Yield of Gem Field)

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