An Officer is a man attached to an infantry unit in Empire: Total War.

General InfomationEdit

An Officer is a universal game feature. They appear in every unit, and have different skins. Officers in musket armed units carry swords and pistols; cavalry officers carry swords. Unlike generals, no morale is lost when an officer is killed. Also, they do not obtain extra health unlike generals. Officers may be killed like any other soldier.

In the cases where an army doesn't have a general, one officer from a regiment is selected to be the army's de facto commander. If this officer dies during a battle, then the army suffers the same morale penalties as it normally would have from the death of a general.

Officers fire their pistols at a close range, and officers have generally good melee statistics.


Officer picture empire

A Prussian Infantry officer fires his flintlock pistol


  • There is no reload animation for officer's pistols; after the officer fires he would then holster it then taking it out again.
  • Almost every unit has an officer. Even a regiment that has only two or three men make room for one of these men to be an officer.
  • The officer would usually be accompanied with a bugler/drummer and, with infantry units, a flag bearer.

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