A Navy is the maritime army of a nation's armed forces, operating on the high seas to protect their countries' interests. While real-world navies generally consist solely of warships and auxiliary vessels, navies in Empire: Total War are composed of men-of-war and merchantmen. This allows commanders to use their fleets effectively in both war and peace by projecting force, guarding ports, and manning trading posts.

Ships can be constructed at any port or dockyard in a region controlled by the player. However, specialized port facilities are better suited for building the ships of the line needed for true naval dominance in the game

General InformationEdit

Navies are essential for any nation seeking to expand its borders and/or influence on the international stage, and an experienced ETW player will be keeping his admirals and ships busy.

One primary role of fleets revolves around trade and the economy. Ships can occupy trading posts, protect trading routes from pirates and enemy raiders, and blockade enemy ports. This generates revenue, while denying it to other nations. The second role is amphibious, using the fleet to transport armies to their landing beaches, allowing land forces to attack islands, flank enemy forces, etc. Finally, fleets act against the naval forces of other nations, sinking and/or capturing enemy vessels, preventing them from carrying out their missions.

Light Ships BrigGalleyLight GalleyRace-Built GalleonSloopXebec
Frigates 24-pounder FrigateAdmiral's Flagship, 5th RateCarronade FrigateFifth RateRazeeSixth RateUSS Constitution
Ships of the Line Admiral's Flagship, 1st RateAdmiral's Flagship, 3rd RateFirst Rate Ship of the LineFourth Rate Ship of the LineHeavy First RateHMS VictorySecond Rate Ship of the LineThird Rate Ship of the Line
Trade Ships DhowFluytGalleonIndiaman
Other Ships Bomb KetchRocket ShipSteamship