A Naval Hospital is a military port building in Empire: Total War
Naval Hospital

In-game picture of Naval Hospital


A naval hospital gives high-quality care to the sick and wounded. A sailor who finds himself looked after here can count himself lucky!

The navy pays for doctors and surgeons to cure his infirmities: he has a bed in a clean ward, and best of all, he cannot spend his pay on drink and loose living. From the navy's point of view, their men are returned to duty quickly and cannot desert or be "crimped" (pressed into service) by unscrupulous carers.

Historically, illness abaord ship could be a serious problem: "ship fever" (typhus) could destroy a crew more surely than a battle. It was traditional to put the sick ashore and leave them in the dubious care of lodging house and tavern owners. Death was the most likely outcome for the patient. The British Royal Navy constructed hospitals ashore to look after their sick and wounded: skilled seamen, it has to be said, were not easy to find, and taking good care of them made excellent sense. Better health care for sailors also came in small matters, such as the Royal Navy's "portable soup", a kind of dried beef stock that made a hot meal with the addition of hot water and a few vegetables. Good food aboard ship was as important as good doctoring ashore.


  • Level 3
  • 5 Turns to Build
  • 7000 Coin


General InformationEdit

The Naval Hospital is an alternative to the Steam Drydock. It is generally available much earlier as, unlike its counterpart, it does not require Steam Engine to be researched before it can be built.

Naval Hospitals can build ships as powerful as the Second Rate Ship of the Line. In addition to having access to a wide variety of ships, Naval Hospitals also grants any ship it builds some extra starting experience--something that Steam Drydocks do not provide. Finally, Naval Hospitals do not increase unhappiness in the region due to industrialization, while Steam Drydocks do. However, Naval Hospitals cannot build the most advanced ship types: the Rocket Ship, Steamship, First Rate Ship of the Line, and Heavy First Rate

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