A Naval College is a navy military building in Empire: Total War
Naval College

In-game picture of the Naval College


This school provides a theoretical and academic education in all matters of seamanship to young men desirous of a career in the naval service.

The college exists to provide the practical mathematics needed for safe navigation, a theoretical understanding of the mysteries of ship building (a complex subject, given the rigging of most ships), gunnery, swordsmanship, the manners of gentlemen, some Classics, perhaps a foreign language, and the laws and usages of war. The final product is a junior officer who is presentable, but not necessarily useful aboard a ship! A stupid or ill-prepared man could sink his ship and kill his crew as surely as any enemy, and to master their chosen profession newly-minted officers must go to sea.

In the 18th Century, virtually every navy recognised the need for professional naval officers. While men had nothing more to offer than good breeding could do a fine job in command of armies, ship's captains really needed to know their jobs, otherwise, their careers really would end on the rocks! The better navies of the time operated as a "moderated meritocracy" - influence and connections still counted, but ability, training, and character counted for more.


  • Level 2
  • 6 Turns to Build
  • 5000 Coin


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