A Naval Board is a navy military building in Empire: Total War
Naval Board

In-game picture of the Naval Board


Ships at sea were a visible sign of naval power but without organisation, they are worthless. A naval administration keeps the fleets at sea running smoothly.

More than simply organising supplies, fleet movements, promotions and pay, a naval administration also draws up plans for the future: it oversees construction of new dockyards and naval facilities, husbands scarce resources (some sea-going officers would say a little too carefully), and collects navigation charts and improved ship designs from all over the world. The navy secretariat studies anything worthwhile to make the sea service more effective or (better yet) cheaper!

As navies increased in size during the 18th Century, the support organisations ashore become correspondingly large. The Royal Navy was the largest "business" in the world, employing tens of thousands of workers to produce everything needed for the fleet from ropes to nails, yards to swivel guns. The functionaries needed to oversee this enterprise had to be clever, clear thinking and reasonably honest; a man would give a lucrative contract to friends if he could, but not if it risked the good of the Service. Other nations never really matched the efficiency of the British Royal Navy system, and their fleets at sea suffered as a result.


  • Level 1
  • 5 Turns to Build
  • 3000 Coin


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