Naples & Sicily
Naples & Sicily
are a minor faction in Empire: Total War. It is an emergent faction.

General InformationEdit

Naples & Sicily emerges if a rebellion is successful in its identically-named region, or if a non-European faction controlling the region is eliminated. The region that this faction spawns in is very wealthy, but as it is a minor region, its initial access to troops is limited.

Unit RosterEdit

Naples & Sicily have access to essentially the standard European Roster, with added access to Heavy Cavalry and Carabineers.


Historically, the region of Naples & Sicily (also known as the "Two Sicilies") had, like the rest of Italy, a vibrant background in arts and culture during the Renaissance. It came under control of the Spanish, and changed hands between Austria and Spain in the 1700s. It was taken by Napoleon during the early 1800s, but achieved independence in 1815. It was then annexed by the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1861, as part of the eventual unification of Italy. It remains part of Italy to this day.

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