Morale is a gameplay mechanic in Empire: Total War. Morale plays a key part in battles.

General InformationEdit

If a regiment's morale dips too low, it will first start wavering. If it continues to suffer morale shocks, then it will begin routing. When a unit routs, it attempts to exit the battlefield, and cannot be issued new orders. If a routing unit is listed as "Broken", then it can be encouraged to return to the battlefield if negative influences reach a minimum; however, if it is "Shattered", then nothing can bring them back, and they will retire permanently from the battle unless they are killed in their attempts to retreat.

A unit of militia routing in the background.

Many factors can influence a unit's morale in battle. Such factors are listed below.

Positive InfluencesEdit

  • Flanks secured by other units
  • Proximity of a unit that inspires nearby troops (such as Guards or Household Cavalry
  • Winning a fight (inflicting more kills than the unit is taking); the more disproportionate the better
  • Having higher ground than opponents
  • Charging at enemy units
  • Allied armies are coming to help
  • Fortifications (this is a very large bonus; units that are protected by fortifications are likely to fight to the last man)

Negative InfluencesEdit

  • Being attacked from the flanks or the rear
  • Commanding general dies
  • When being greatly outnumbered
  • Taking heavy casualties in a short period of time (or losing a large amount of troops)
  • Flanks exposed to attack by enemy units
  • Being in close proximity to units that generate fear: certain melee units and elephants affect all enemy units, while camels affect horse-mounted units

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