The Modern University is an education building in Empire: Total War
Modern University

In-game picture of Modern University


This is a centre of learning and original thought, where the sciences and arts of Mankind are extended.

The investigation of the universe, and disputation over the results, are not done out of any sense of altruism, of course. National pride in intellectual achievement is an important motive in the work undertaken. Personal pride and ambition are also stern taskmasters. But what is significant is that the ideas, theories and fact generated at the university are not kept within the academic elite. This flowering of learning informs and inspires artists, poets and musicians, and well-read laymen too. The practical benefits of the advances made here percolate out into the wider national society, improving life for the ordinary people in ways both small and dramatic.

In the 18th Century, great universities and the great minds they attracted were sources of nationalistic pride. Sir Issac Newton was lauded across Europe for his work at Cambridge in England. The University of Gottingen aided the development of "German-ness" by publishing research and standard texts in German as well as Latin (the traditional language of learning). Gottingen was also unusual in, rather daringly, letting lecturers teach any book with reference to the State of Church!


  • Level 3
  • 6 Turns to Build
  • 6000 Coin


General InformationEdit

Modern universities may only be built in a faction's capital region. As the highest-tier research building, they offer the highest research rate, but correspondingly come with the biggest penalty to the region's happiness, with the highest clamour for reform.

It is possible to own modern universities in multiple regions by capturing enemy capital regions. This is naturally beneficial to research in the long run, but the combination of clamour for reform and unrest due to foreign occupation means that such regions tend to remain rebellious for many turns.

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