A Mine is a building that contributes to a faction's economy in Empire: Total War

In-game picture of Mine


Mining is a dirty, dangerous business. Men hack out all manner of valuable minerals by hand, risking life and limb for the mine owner's profits.

Lit only by candles (which they must by themselves) or lamps with naked flames, most miners are labouring in conditions that resembles hell on Earth. In some mines firedamp (methane) is a constant risk thanks to the candles - an explosion can happen at any time. The risk of a slow death is there tool; stone dust and poisonous minerals such as arsenic: ruin a man as surely any explosion.

There were also accidents. Miners are paid only for the valuable minerals that they extract, so there is little incentive to carry out much work for safety's sake. Pit props may keep the roof from collapsing, but putting them in does not earn any payment - the miners may even be charged for the materials! And it is not just men who labour below ground. Women often pull carts from the working face to the surface. Children needed less space and air than adults, and make ideal support workers, clearing tunnels and bringing food and water to the miners. In smaller seams, children are the perfect labourers.

All of this is secondary, however, to the business of making money, and mining can be a very profitable industry.


  • Level 0
  • 2 Turns to Build
  • 1000 Coins


  • Adds to Region Wealth (Depends on the Yield of the Mine)
  • Can Mine Gold, Silver, or Iron (Depends on the Mine)
  • Enables Steam-Pumped Mine

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