A Military Governor's Encampment is a building in Empire: Total War. It is constructed in a minor city of two building slots. 
Military Governor's Encampment

In-game picture of Military Governor's Encampment


Moving an army into an encampment well away from civilians is a useful thing to do. Soldiers no longer have easy access to the "demon drink" for start!

Separating troops from civilians also allows better training and indoctrination. Regiments have the space to practice drills and instil discipline in their men. Civilians also have funny ideas, and it is often best if common soldiers do not learn of their freethinking and sometime disloyal ways.

An encampment, however, does not always look very military. Apart from the fact that soldiers could carry on their civilian trades to supplement their army wages, an army encampment would also be thronged with women and children. Soldier's wives were expected to look after their men; wash, cook, clean, sew uniforms, act as nurses, and even help bury the dead! A cunning officer who once managed "the baggage" well could effectively double the number of hands there were for fetching and carrying. Among the children, young boys could find employment for drummers and musicians from as young as ten years of age. Historically, it was not unknown for officers to enroll their own children (even babies!) as musicians, so that they gained seniority from the date they joined the army!


  • Level 2
  • 4 Turns to Build
  • 2000 Coin


General InformationEdit

Military Governor's Encampments and their equivalents are the first building of the military branch of government buildings in minor regions. They provide less repression and a lower bonus to tax income, but make up for this by being able to recruit a wider, more deadly variety of units than their civilian counterparts.

Most unique units available to only minor regions require a Military Governor's Barracks in order to be recruited, but two units: Haydut Irregulars and Bosnian Panduks may be recruited from military governor's encampments in the appropriate regions. 

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