The Military Academy is a military recruitment building in Empire: Total War
Military Academy

In-game picture of Military Academy


A military academy is a training establishment for young officers, those who must rely on talent, rather than connections or wealth, for preferment.

In most countries, military command is limited to those in the ruling classes. There is a quite sensible belief that only those with a stake in the survival of society will defend it properly. However, they are counter-arguments to the effects that military matters are complicated, and "gentlemen amateurs", no matter how well connected, are not good enough, Military academies, therefore, teach the theory and practice of the military sciences. The graduates, however, are sometimes regarded as common tradesmen because of their knowledge.

The French were the pre-eminent military power of Western Europe, and lead the way in military training with the creation of a "Ecole Militaire" in 1751 to educating promising cadets from poorer backgrounds. It was later re-organised and re-named as the "Ecole des Cadets-gentilshommes" or "School of Young Gentlemen" which subverted the original intent, although Napoleon Bonaparte was a graduate of the new school. By contrast, the United Kingdom's military schools mostly provided an education for the orphans of serving officers, with no more than the hope that the pupils would go into the army. The Ottoman military system included the Janissaries, a class of warrior-administrators, selected and indoctrinated as children, who effectively ran the Ottoman Empire.


  • Level 3
  • 5 Turns to Build
  • 3000 Coin


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