Measuring Tools
Etw industry metal measuring tools
Requires None
Building Needed Iron Workshops
Leads To Machine Tools
Stream Metal Industry, Industry
  • +5% Wealth Bonus to town wealth from all buildings
  • +5% Wealth Bonus generated by industrial buildings
  • Leads to Metalled Roads
Measuring Tools is a Technology in Empire: Total War.

Description Edit

Accurate measuring tools make possible the measurement of everything, allowing scientific and technical work to proceed apace. Until there are reliable instruments, standard units of measurement can only exist within a single workshop or scientist's laboratory. How can a scientist describe the distances or sizes of his experiments and be sure that anyone else is working to the same dimensions? Craftsmen must make everything, from a clock cogwheel to a musket mainspring to a spinning machine, by trial and error, relying on modifying spaces until they fit well enough to work, but not necessarily accurately. An accurate measurement method, which is used in different locations, means that consistency and repeatability can triumph!

Historically, Jesse Ramsden's dividing engine and screw cutting lathe allowed the repeatable creation of graduations on measuring tools. Ramsden's early work in Britainhad been on the thorny problem on longitude, and a reward of £300 (a small fortune at the time) enabled him to expand his business and create the tools that lead to accurate sextants. By 1785 his expertise was being used to make a theodolite for the Royal Engineers' Ordnance Society, allowing the eventual mapping of the whole of the United Kingdom.

General InformationEdit

As Metalled Roads are quite expensive at the stage in the game where Measuring Tools are available, it may be prudent to save some money before researching this technology to acquire the maximum benefits upon its completion.

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