The Manual of Style is the guideline by which Empire: Total War articles should be written. Please consult the Manual of Style before making any significant edits.

General OutlinesEdit

Empire: Total War Wiki is intended to be an exhaustive database on all facts regarding Empire: Total War. Therefore, only factual information (or information from a credible source, such as Creative Assembly) is appropriate. This is not a strategy guide. If you would like to post strategies, please visit and post at the forum instead.

Pages and writing styleEdit

Titles must be as they are verbatim from the game. As Creative Assembly is a British company and Empire: Total War is a British game, the text taken directly from the game is British English--do not alter it to American English. Content from the editors themselves may be British or American English as long as it is comprehensible.


Images must be official art from Creative Assembly or in-game images from the games themselves. Fan art is not preferred. Images must pertain to the pages that they are added to.


At most there should be only one link to the same article per paragraph. If the term appears constantly in a lengthy article it may be feasible to have a link every few paragraphs.


All lore related statements must be sourced correctly using <ref></ref> tags. References are to be added after punctuation. To produce the reference list add the following to the bottom of the article:



All written work on Empire: Total War Wiki should be written from third person perspective: "They", "He", "She" etc. First ("I") and second ("You") perspective should be avoided.

Common MistakesEdit

"Recommended", "Advised", and other authoritative statementsEdit

Such words are only permissible if the editor is prepared to cite who recommends or advises the reader to take certain actions. The cited source must be credible. If no such source exists, avoid using such phrases and reword the sentence.

"Note that", "Note the", and other similar phrasesEdit

Such phrases do not add to the information of a sentence whatsoever. For example:

Note that Light Dragoons can fire without dismounting

Offers the same exact information as

Light Dragoons can fire without dismounting

The only purpose phrases such as "note the" add is to draw the reader's attention to certain facts, but as this wikia is strictly an information source that does not tell people what to do, such a phrase is almost always superfluous. On the other hand, conveying as much information in as few words as possible is a desirable trait.

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