A Lumber Mill is a type of building in Empire: Total War.  
Lumber Mill

In-game picture of Lumber Mill


A water-powered lumber mill produces logs and sawn timber from prime forests. Its semi-finished product can then be sold on local markets or shipped to the home market.

It is more efficient to ship half-finished planks and logs than tree trunks, this increasing profits from logging. Even though most of the equipment used is brought in from home, a lumber mill on a good site can easily repay the investment. The hard work needed to dig a mill pond and race, as well as carefully position a waterwheel is also handsomely repaid when a powered saw starts work. 

Historically, it was possible for a logging operation to denude a forest of all its profitable trees, in the process causing terrible environmental damage. Without the trees, the soil is soon gone, washed away in the first strong rains. It then becomes impossible for any kind of forest to re-establish itself. This worried hardly anyone in the 18th Century (there were exceptions - some men did go out of their way to plant trees so that navies would never be without supplies), as the world had been given to men to subdue, and there were always more trees in the next valley.


  • Level 1
  • 2 Turns to Build
  • 1500 Coin


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