A Logging Camp is a type of building in Empire: Total War. They are buildings built on designated logging camp spots that contribute to a region's wealth. 
Logging Camp

In-game picture of logging camp


Virgin forests are a vital strategic as well as economic resource. A logging camp allows the tall timber to be cut and used locally or shipped to the home country.

Apart from its obvious uses in construction and as fuel, timber is vital for shipbuilding. All vessels of the period are entirely wooden, and need hundreds of tons of good quality lumber, of many kinds, each. Frames and structural members, for example, are made of oak. Buildings also use a large amount of wood both in the structure and during the building process as scaffolding.

Historically, the forests of the eastern seaboard of America was extremely useful strategic resources, as they became an excellent source of the trees needed for masts and yards for the British Royal Navy. By their nature, masts need tall trees! Other types of timber became important cash crops, such as mahogany found in the Far East, prized for its strength and beauty.


  • Level 0
  • 2 Turns to Build
  • 800 Coin


  • Adds to Region Wealth (Depends on Yield of the Forest)
  • Enables Lumber Mill

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