The Local Fisheries is a fishing port building in Empire: Total War
Local Fishery


No one can afford to ignore a plentiful, cheap source of food. Inshore fishing can bring in good catches.

A local fishery, however, only takes fish from waters nearby, and most fishermen use small boats, thus limiting the overall size of the catch. There is always a surplus that can be sent inland to supplement local food supplies. While catches can be seasonal as fish come and go according to the tides and currents, it is rare for the catch to fail completely. Fishing is a dangerous activity; each year the sea claims it's share of fishing fleets and the lives of many men.

Historically, fish was an important food staple all over the world. There were religious prescriptions that encourage the eating of fish such as the Catholic requirement not to each flesh on a Friday. Islamic jurisprudence sees fish with scales as halal (permissible), while some authorities hold that shelled sea creatures are haraam (forbidden). Given the bottom-dwelling nature of mussels, clams, and so on and the risk of inherent food poisoning if they are improperly stored or cooked, this is a sensible precaution.

Description (Native)Edit

Fishing is an activity undertaken by all members of the tribe, using a variety of tools and techniques. 
Local Fishery (Native)

In-game picture of Local Fishery (Native)

Like many aspects of the Native American way of life, fishing is dependent upon the seasons. Ice fishing in winter is a cold, lonely and slow business compared to using nets and lures in spring. The arrival of fish off the coast and in rivers is also tied to the passing seasons.

Fish often played a key part in mythology, none more than the salmon. One tale tells of a salmon becoming involved in a contest for a chief's daughter. The contest saw the salmon break a set of elk antlers into pieces to win the hand of the young maiden.


  • Level 0
  • 2 Turns to Build
  • 600 Coin

Cost (Native)Edit

  • Level 0
  • 3 Turns to Build
  • 400 Coins


  • +0.6% to Population Growth
  • +X Coins to Region Wealth (Depends on the Town's Wealth)
  • Recruits: Sloop
  • Enables Fishing Fleet

Abilities (Native)Edit

  • Improves export capacity (increases trade values)
  • +1 trade routes possible (sea)
  • +0.3% to Population Growth
  • +X Coins to region wealth (Depends on Yield)

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