The Iron Workshop is a building in Empire: Total War that contributes to a faction's economy. 
Iron Workshop

In-game picture of Iron Workshop


Blacksmiths are the heart of many communities. Their skills make tools for the farm, the home and the workshop alike.

Smiths make everything that the world of work uses, from ploughshares, horseshoes, and sickles to knives, nails, and wagon tires. They even make the machinery to make more machines, as they make tools for themselves and other crafts not to mention the working parts of many workshops. The people with the surname "Smith" (or its equivalent) shows the historical importance of ironworking!

The job is, however, dirty and dangerous. Fire is an ever-present danger, and working with red hot metal has risk all of its own. It breeds tough, hardy, independent men with an unsentimental eye for profit.</span

Making iron requires a great deal of charcoal as fuel. This means that the secondary industry of charcoal burning uses large tracts of woodland to make charcoal, and is one of the main limitations on iron production. It is almost impossible to produce enough charcoal, year after year, to keep the furnaces burning because managed woodlands don't grow fast enough.

Native DescriptionEdit

Workshops create tools and trade goods for the tribe. 
Iron Workshop (Native)

In-game picture of Iron Workshops (Native)

A workshop is a vital resource for the community, whatever it produces. These small-scale industries have a large role to play in the tribe's prosperity and survival.

Beads, for example, were an important craft produce in Native American society. They were used in ceremonial jewelry and clothing as a form of currency where barter was not used. Despite the large number of people involved in crafts-work, the tribes never used anything more powerful than human muscle in their industries.


  • Level 1
  • 3 Turns to Build
  • 2000 Coins

Native CostEdit

  • Level 1
  • 3 Turns to Build
  • 2500 Coins


Native AbilitiesEdit

  • -2 Happiness from Industrialisation (Lower Classes)
  • -2 Happiness from Industrialisation (Nobility)
  • -15% Recruitment Cost for all land units
  • +X to region wealth (Depends on the wealth of the town)
  • Recruitment Capacity (Units in Training): 1
  • Requires Ironworking, Craft Workshops (Smiths)

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